Departure day has arrived!

It is after midnight and I am still rushing about, trying to tie up my life in the USA before taking off in the morning. I got an all important window seat on my flight, so I will catch up on sleep while in the air.  Once I touch down I will get another chance to sleep, as I will be arriving a day later and at midnight.

For the next few weeks I will be taking an intensive language training course. Then I will be setting up an apartment in the capital city. This apartment will serve as my base camp and I will be traveling out and back from remote regions for the next twelve months.

I am told that snow has just begun to fall. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  I was not able to get back to everyone, but I have your contact information. I will get in touch once I am on the ground,  if you did not hear from me. Thanks for the local contacts, clothing, and financial support to buy the rest. This tropic girl will have warm hands, legs, and feet when she lands!

I will post my contact information here, once I am resettled.

2 responses to “Departure day has arrived!

  1. Grandmom and GranRoy

    We are thinking of you!

  2. Amazing, I did not know about this topic up to the present. Thankz!

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