Sponsorship and Donations Needed

Working with impoverished groups internationally leads to new challenges. I am attempting to get over my first hurdle. Weeks before departure, I learned that there is no equipment for me to do my job. Having come from a tropic environment, I have spent weeks combing craigslist and thrift stores for cold weather gear. The additional need to find a laptop, software, power supplies, and GPS equipment this month exceeds my personal finances.

I hope that you will support my work.

If you work for a business or own your own, I WANT TO BE YOUR TAX WRITE OFF! I can furnish a letter of proof for your company’s donation of equipment or money. In exchange, I will advertise your gracious support and assure that you are updated on project progress.

When the project is complete, I intend to leave donated equipment with herders and education facilities.



Down sleeping bag

Looking for a used 0F (-18c) goose down bag.

Rubber soled snow boots (-20C)

Women’s size 9- wide-calf (19″!).

Down coat with a hood

Women’s 12 / men’s M rated to -10F. I will layer my raincoat on top when colder.

Mittens/glove system (for -20 to -40F)

I need to use my fingers outdoors so I want a layered glove system. The base layer needs to be men’s size M or women’s L. I would like a waterproof shell mitten and 2-3 middle layers, and ending with a glove base.

Midweight long underwear

I will wear these EVERY DAY and unable to wash regularly. Wool is desired for scent control. Men’s M tops and L pants OR women’s L / XL top and bottom

Electrical outlet adapter

I was told that they have the same outlets as in Germany. 2 plugs desired.

Solar charger or portable battery pack

While in remote areas, I will not have power and want a more environmental solution than many AAs.

Mac or PC laptop with great battery and ability for 3-D mapping

Bought 2.5ghz Mac Laptop from Craigslist that I hope will work with pooled funds from friends – Thanks all!

Mapping software with statistical abilities

YEAH!! I got the conservation grant from ESRI today- 7 Oct 2009!

Trail-style GPS with altimeter

Must run on AA batteries, hold 1000 points, and have a long battery life. (Purchased with hope that grants will be found in country.)

Wool/ Fleece lined pants

Women’s size XL long or 12-16, men’s size L or 34×34. (I have cheap plastic pants to cover these, when wet or windy – if you have a better solution for working on the steppe in winter – open to ideas!)

Wool or fleece sweaters

I have a long torso, so men’s M is best.

backpacking weight merino wool socks

Women’s size 9 with very stretchy tops. Calf or knee high is best


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2 responses to “Sponsorship and Donations Needed

  1. I am so glad your sis told me about your page. Lov ya, mom
    I am going to drum up some stuff……

  2. Heather. I’m not sure if it will actually do what you need to it, but take a look: http://imina.soest.hawaii.edu/gmt/

    There’s a bit in the FAQ that might also interest you:
    Are there other packages that use GMT ?
    * Those who are using GIS, in particular Arc/INFO and ArcView, may be interested in arcGMT, tools for conversion between Arc/INFO and GMT.
    * For multi-beam enthusiasts, there is MB-System, a software package for the processing and display of swath sonar data

    I don’t know if any of that helps you, but hopefully it will. Or, you know, keep applying for grants! :) Best of luck!!

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